We spoke with many of you last year about our “Hay Price Lock” program and several clients took advantage of it. To lock in your hay for the year, please download this HayPriceLock_Due April30 fill it out and mail it to us.  This is how the program will work. Our clients will put 40% down on their hay order before 30 April to lock in 2020 pricing for 2021. Even if hay prices drop below 2020 levels, our clients will get the lower amount.  Below is last year’s numbers and this year’s projections:

Hay Type Stellar Meadows Farms, 2020 Market, 2020 Market, 2021*
50/50 Grass/Alfalfa $225/ton $225-250/ton $250-270/ton
1st Cutting Alfalfa $200/ton $200-265+/ton $210-250/ton
2nd Cutting Alfalfa $250/ton $250+/ton $250-270/ton

*Market price will be set at the time of the cutting.

In addition to the “Hay Price Lock”, our clients will continue to get the 5%/ton discount on 5-9 ton purchases and 10%/ton discount on 10+ ton purchases over the entire season. Yes, we back apply the discounts when clients pass the 5-9 or 10+ thresholds. If you decide you don’t need part or all of your hay, we will refund 20% of your deposit within the week, and the remaining 20% is refunded after we sold your reservation to someone else. Keep in mind, we also pay our clients $10/ton when they refer new clients to us.

As hay comes off the field, we will set aside hay based upon the hay deposits, and we will fulfill them in the order the deposits were made. If you reserved a particular type of hay (like 50/50) and we unfortunately ran out early, we will contact you to determine if we can fulfill your order with other hay inventory or refund your deposit.

Throughout the summer we will work with our clients to either pick up or have their hay delivered by 31 October. After that date, we will store for free all paid-in-full hay orders. The remaining hay inventory will be sold until gone. Once that occurs, all remaining open deposits will be refunded.

We wanted our “delivery clients” to know hay delivery fees will go to $45/ton within 25 miles. The longer haul delivery rates will increase as well at $50/ton for 25-29 miles, $55/ton for 30-39 miles, $85/ton for 40-50 miles, and $110/ton for 51 to 100 miles. Part of our delivery service is stacking the hay on your end. We typically stop delivering around mid-November due to rainy weather or icy/snowy roads and resume delivering hay sometime in March once the roads are clear and the mud subsides.

If interested in the “Hay Price Lock” program, please sign and mail the enclosed form to reserve your hay for the 2020 season along with either a check or indicate if you want to pay via credit card. If you indicate use of credit card, we will call to make arrangements to process your deposit. We will reach out to everyone as your indicated hay is being cut so you have some time to prepare for pickup or delivery.

To lock in your hay for the year, please download this HayPriceLock_DueApril30 fill it out and mail it to us.

Gerry & LaCinda Ashby
Stellar Meadows Farms