While most of our clients prefer to pick up their hay directly from us, we do offer delivery and stacking to our clients’ location with a minimum of 1 ton.  Delivery rates depend on distance and tonnage from our location.  Depending upon your location, we can bring either 2 or 3 ton per load, but delivery is at our discretion.
We wanted our “delivery clients” to know hay delivery fees are $45/ton within 25 miles. The longer haul delivery rates will increase as well at $50/ton for 25-29 miles, $55/ton for 30-39 miles, $85/ton for 40-50 miles, and $110/ton for 51 to 100 miles. Part of our delivery service is stacking the hay on your end. We typically stop delivering around mid-November due to rainy weather or icy/snowy roads and resume delivering hay sometime in March once the roads are clear and the mud subsides.
Again, delivery is available at our discretion as it’s our time and equipment doing the work.