We have hay available for pickup or delivery, please contact us at 509.821.1148 (text or call) to schedule a time to pick up hay or have it delivered. We offer discounts for orders larger than 5 ton and accept cash or credit cards for easy payment.
While others in the area make their bales heavier to reduce the number of bales per ton, we realize that our veteran and female farmers find those 100+ lb bales hard to handle. All our bales are 2 string bales that are around 36 inches in length but won’t break your back as you try to feed.

2020 Small Bale Hay

1st cutting –  $5/bale or $200/ton  – beautiful green alfalfa put up in small bales that average 50 lbs each. Easy on your knees and back to move these bales. We have a couple of tons left
2nd Cutting -SOLD OUT
We sell our hay by the bale or by the ton, whatever works for your operation.  We do offer client discounts:
  • $10/ton paid to anyone who refers clients to us
  • Discounts of 5% for over 5 tons & 10% for over 10 tons
  • We also accept credit cards or cash for our hay
  • Delivery is available for a fee and includes us stacking it at your location – contact us for details.

    2021 Small Bale Hay

    1st cutting – We anticipate hay in early June.
    2nd Cutting