We are currently sold out of our small bale alfalfa. Once the season kicks in, we will post the hay we have and the price.

Our bales are 2 string small bale alfalfa that typically weigh in around 50-75 lbs.  While others in the area make their bales heavier to reduce the number of bales per ton, we realize that our veteran and female farmers find those 100+ lb bales hard to handle. Once the hay comes in from the fields it either goes into our barn or is stacked on pallets and wrapped in tarps.

We sell our hay by the bale or by the ton, whatever works for your operation.  We do offer client discounts:

  • $10/ton paid to anyone who refers clients to us
  • Discounts of 5% for over 5 tons & 10% for over 10 tons

For those of you shopping in advance of the season, we typically have the following each year available:

  • Grass/Alfalfa mix – this is a 50/50 blend typically and we have been getting about 20 Tons. However, it is popular so if you need this for your horses, please let us know.
  • 1st Cutting Alfalfa – Like the name says, this is the first hay that comes off the fields after the winter months.  These bales tend to be a bit lighter per bale. In a normal weather year, we are baling this up and making it available around Memorial Day (we try not to hit that weekend but rain and sun dictate our world).
  • 2nd Cutting Alfalfa – This is alfalfa that has grown over the summer, typically we are pulling this hay off the fields around the 4th of July.
  • 3rd Cutting Alfalfa – If we are lucky, mother nature gives us rain throughout the summer and we get a small 3rd cutting in early September.