During the summer months, we need crew to help stacking hay.  We hire a limited number of kids ages 16-17 to help and are always looking for adults that are needing some additional cash to help with the process.  If you are interested in working for us, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact. 

As of April 6, 2021, we are looking to line up both minors (16+) or adults for our hay crew and general farm maintenance projects. If you are 16/17, feel free to submit your information as we never know when we may need more crew and we will call the next person on the list as we need crew members.

Currently all management positions are full, we are just looking for crew. 

For minors (16-18), you need to download the MinorsParentSchoolAuthorization and fill out your information.  Then your parents AND if school is in session, your school must sign their portions of the page as you need their authorization to work. Turn the form into us here along with 2 forms of ID one of which needs to be your social security number.

All employees will be required to present 2 forms of ID prior to working on our hay crew, one of which must be your social security number. Here are the accepted forms of ID.  As a registered business, we are required to withhold payroll taxes like any employer – you can download the W4 prior to your first day and fill it out.  We have a zero tolerance policy for drugs or working under the influence of any substances. 

Lunch and drinks (water, lemonade, gator-aid) are provided free of charge to the crew each day. We know it is hard work, so we are paying $15/hr for anyone that can do the work. Employees are expected to come with long sleeve shirts, work boots, a good pair of work gloves and if needed sunscreen or a hat. Anyone showing up in shorts or sneakers will be turned away for the day or until they return in appropriate work attire.